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SImple 60 Second Process to Get more done while Still feeling energized
A short, step by step process to stop procrastinating the things you care about most.
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Discover a sneaky way to talk yourself into projects you've been procrastinating that you can put to use immediately to conquer housework quickly.
Learn how to get clear, communicate well, and be a charismatic leader - for even the most mundane needs in the family.
Better than the third cup of coffee: this process will not only give you energy to get things done, it will also help you inspire those around you into action!

About Mary Aldrich

Mary Aldrich is a life and relationship coach for moms and the host of the podcast Fruit Pursuit. Through bite-size strategies and a fun, practical approach, she teaches hard working women how to love God, love others, and enjoy the process! - All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2019