Are you looking to reclaim your life and thrive in every aspect of it? Look no further! Introducing "Project: Get Your Life Back," a transformative coaching program designed exclusively for Superheroes like you. 
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  • Refresh your long term vision: With our unique and personal Life Audit
  • Increase Confidence in Everyday Decisions: Use our friendly Goals Worksheet to maintain focus
  • Uplevel your Home Organization: Enjoy our Micro Organization Calendar 
  • Rock those Routines: With our Exclusive Rockin' Routines Checklist
  • Daily Fire Starter: Get a momentum boost with our daily morning motivation
  • Get your specific Questions addressed: In our Weekly Hot Seat

Did I mention it was FREE!?!

Oh yeah, it's free!

A couple details: 
Weekly Hotseat will be every Tuesday afternoon 2:15pm EST 
or Tuesday evening @ 8:00pm EST (You sign up for one or the other.)
You'll need the Marco Polo app, and access to email, Zoom, and texting to participate. 
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The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.
John 10:10
I’ve been around this circle enough times to know that the hustle and grind just makes me tired. 
 It just brings up all the binge eating. The numbing on social media. The feelings of stress, exhaustion, overcompensating, despair, discouragement, and feeling trapped. The symptoms of pulling away from others, disconnected, and comfort seeking tendencies.

That is not going to work. It won’t work. It’s the world's way. It’s a lie.

And you know it down deep in your soul that it’s the biggest deception and delusion in the universe. 

Well, friends... We are gonna try something different. Break the mold. Do the practical things in a different way.

“Project: Get your Life Back!”

We'll come from a position of knowing your identity.
The power that is inside of you.
Doing the work of remembering who you are and whose you are!
Your God given purpose.
Your identity in Christ.
Your power and authority that enables you to WILL and to DO!
The chance to experience the incredible power available in the blood of the Lamb and the WORD of our testimony.

I’m building an army of powerful women and men who are done lying down and taking it.
We are training for the battle of the ages - the belief that God really does transform our lives - both for eternity but also right in the hear and now!
We will not sit by and watch life go by one more second.
We have the victory already and we plan to step into it and behave like it.

He’s already won. We already have the power of Christ and the authority to declare a thing and see it done. Step out in faith and watch the mountain move. Lay hands on and see the body healed.

No more living in the fog hoping for something to come along and make it easier to succeed.
We already have everything we need to succeed and we are done messing around. 
Done prioritizing things that don’t matter.
Done putting the entertainment industry first.

Ready to tell some things to go to Hell.
And some things it's’ time to rise up!

I’m already going on this journey and YOU can join me!

Package Includes:

Weekly Hot Seat Call: 
1 hour group call hosted on the Zoom platform where you can get coaching around specific roadblocks, and also grow and learn with others.
Life Audit:
1 private coaching session that will be scheduled after you complete a unique journaling exercise that will help us make the most of our session. I will go over your responses and then together we will develop a focus and plan for the year ahead.
Micro Challenge Calendar:
With an Easy +1 mindset, this daily challenge will help you feel more organized on a daily basis without feeling like you had to do much to get there.
These will be fun tasks, that typically take less than 5 minutes.
Rockin' Routines
You'll have access to my simple routines system, which includes the most effective goal setting technique I have ever seen for a busy individual.
These routines will give you patterns for the month, the week, and each day.
Daily Fire Starter:
Daily morning encouragement for the rest of the calendar year.  If you are on Marco Polo, you'll have access to a huge benefit of this program: starting off in the best state of mind every single day!
Celebration Collaboration:
I'm here to tell you that one thing holding you back is a serious lack of celebration!  So we are going to uplevel that!
And I'll make it super easy with my Celebration Cheatsheet, so you don't even have to think hare about how to make this happen!
Resource Treasure Box:
An ever growing library of resources that we will add to as you need them.
You will feel equipped for this journey or we'll build the equipment for you!
Sweet Delete Retreat:
An optional add on to your Program over the next 3 months, this one element will get you 10x the results in every area you are working on. I'll tell you more about this when we begin!
BONUS: Holiday Hacks
Since we are doing this program through the holidays, I want to make sure you have access to all the support you will need, so I'm adding my Holiday Hacks Planning Retreat to your sweet resource treasure box at no additional cost.

A Few Important things to know:

Life Audits will only be scheduled for individuals who are actively participating 
and have completed the Journaling Exercise that Corresponds with that task. 
If you schedule your private Life Audit session and do not show up or notify me to cancel at least 24 hours ahead of time, 
no reschedules will be granted.

Any resources you have access to are copyrighted by Mary Aldrich Coaching. 
You are free to use them for your personal or immediate family use only.
Please do not share them with others without asking me first.

Finally, while this is a group program and confidentiality is not guaranteed, 
please honor others and keep the stories and experiences they share private. 
We want this to be a space where everyone can feel free to share authentically and vulnerably.  

Additionally, I frequently have friends or family members in the same program.  
I encourage you not to bring up someone else's story they share inside this group 
with them outside of this group unless they bring up the topic themselves. 
Let your guiding principle be honor and respect of others.

Finally, I like to be a woman of my word and keep the commitments I make to others and I am excited to work with you. 
However, given that you are receiving these services at no financial cost to you, 
I reserve the right to change the terms of this package at any time for any reason with clear communication. 

Meet Your Host

Mary Aldrich is a Certified Master Life Coach, 25+ year homeschooling mom of 7 kids, and the founder of her own unique coaching program: Supermom School. She’s been mentoring and coaching clients for over 20 years, focusing on every area of life, including relationships, business, fitness, finances, organization, faith, and daily life at home. Her niche is helping busy people live lives they love in every area. She also has 17 years experience in Biblical full-time ministry, and 9 years experience teaching high school and college age students. Mary thrives on solving tough topics like turning conflict into collaboration, confusion into confidence, and chaos into calm. She's authentic, humorous, and wise. She can help you let go of the intensity of life and move forward with ease and celebration!

Drawing from her extensive experience, Mary has authored and facilitated more than a dozen transformative programs specifically tailored to empower moms, parents, singles, kids and more. Her programs offer guidance and support in forging a deep connection with God, navigating daily tasks with ease, nurturing meaningful relationships, and embracing personal freedom. Mary's impact is further amplified through her captivating Supermom School Podcast, where she shares invaluable insights and uplifting stories. In her signature transformative group coaching program, Supermom School, ordinary moms unveil their extraordinary power, discovering newfound joy, strength and purpose.

Imagine yourself joining Mary, with a comforting cup of tea or coffee in hand, for an intimate gathering of encouragement, fellowship, hope, and practical strategies. Within this nurturing space, she will equip you with invaluable tips to navigate your daily journey with confidence and grace. Whether you seek solace, camaraderie, or inspiration, Mary's presence will uplift your spirit and ignite your potential.

Come and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary. With Mary as your guide, discover the joy of thriving in your divine calling and embracing the extraordinary power that resides within you.
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