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How to Get Rhythm, Respect, and Rest in Daily Life...

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Secret #1

How to Tame the Mental Chaos without Spending all your Precious Time and Energy on Processes and Checklists
Did you know that there's a reason why all those schedules haven't worked so far? Here's why they aren't working and how to settle the monster to-do list into something that feels manageable.

Secret #2

How to Transform your Family into a Friendly Team without Threatening or Bribing Them

When you know the secret to motivating your family, you can simply apply this technique and get their buy-in faster every time. (And be sure to only take this type of advice from someone who has the results you want!) No arrogant "showing them who's boss" around here!

Secret #3

How to Quickly and Drastically Improve your Relationships with Minimal Conflict (Even when you are the only one in your family working on it)
You don't need a magic potion to get drastic results. And you definitely don't need to wait until the other person is completely on board. (Improve any relationship in a way that you see progress and also feels safe.)

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Mary Aldrich is a Certified Master Covenant Life Coach, 25+ year homeschooling mama of 7 kids, and the founder of Supermom School. She’s been mentoring and coaching for over 20 years, helping clients in relationships, business, and daily life at home. She has 17 years experience in Biblical full-time ministry, and 8 years experience teaching high school and college age students. To Mary, a Supermom is an ordinary mom who bravely turns conflict into collaboration, confusion into confidence, and chaos into calm. Her passion is empowering others to love God, love others, and enjoy it!

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